Thursday, May 05, 2005

Blue Portrait: Revision

Perhaps no words can really do it justice. The desolation at this moment--if it weren't poetic, it'd be pathetic.


Sketch 1
You wake me in the middle of the night
with nothing to say. I know what it is
you want. It is what I want also.
You know the odd semblance of things
in the half-conscience. You know how blue
we are in the effulgence of our streetlamp

blue bluing blued

the way to hate me is not to
the way to hate me is not to say
the way to hate me is not to say gbye

but doctor you promised
took an oath
promised to do no harm

Sketch 2
You are the blue hare in the white snow,
pursued by the fox who sees you clearly.
The fox only wants a nip, a little taste.
Du calme, du calme. Do not be afraid.
Come a little closer.

Sketch 3
o stop it love

my love
below jellyfish

coast et hollow
latent snake goodbye godbye no
take my god my god what face
no shows this mirror window my
rendered speech

o my grief no

you are the bread
I am the butter

the knife


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